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R.O.C.S. Barberry

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Fluoride free formula for the pre-school age kids for regular tooth brushing. This toothpaste is the optimal choice in cases when:
- You do not want to use for your child tooth pastes with fluoride.
- When the child’s physician recommends to use fluoride free toothpastes.
- If the concentration of fluoride in drinking water exceeds the norm (more than 1,2 mg/l).
- If a child takes dietary supplements containing fluoride.
- If a child has dental fluorosis.
- Under the 4 years age.

Contain caries protective ingredients.
- Calcium glycerophosphate and magnesium chloride are the remineralizing additives which are the source of structural components of dental hard tissues.
- High concentration of xylitol (12%) provides protection from cariogenic bacteria.
- Bioavailable sources of calcium, phosphate and magnesium support the remineralization of teeth.
- Low-abrasive formula.
- Flavor ingredients are based on natural components.

Tube - 45 G.