Product Est. wholesale price (euro, VAT 0%) Quantity Est. total (euro, VAT 0%)
R.O.C.S. Whitening 4.16
R.O.C.S. Bionica 4.16
R.O.C.S. Coffee and Tobacco 4.16
R.O.C.S. Sakura 4.16
R.O.C.S. Chocolate and Mint 4.16
R.O.C.S. Double Mint 4.16
R.O.C.S. Grapefruit and Mint 4.16
R.O.C.S. Juicy Pineapple 4.16
R.O.C.S. Mango and Banana 4.16
R.O.C.S. Black Currant 4.16
R.O.C.S. Lemon and Mint 4.16
R.O.C.S. Raspberry 4.16
R.O.C.S. Rose 4.16
R.O.C.S. Anti-Tobacco 4.16
SmokASept Herbs and Mint 4.16
SmokASept Spices and Mint 4.16
SmokASept Cherry and Mint 4.16
SmokASept Vanilla and Mint 4.16
R.O.C.S. Cola and Lemon 3.90
R.O.C.S. Wild Strawberry 3.90
R.O.C.S. Raspberry and Strawberry 3.90
R.O.C.S. Lemon, Orange and Vanilla 3.90
R.O.C.S. Bubble Gum 3.90
R.O.C.S. Fruity Cone 3.90
R.O.C.S. Linden 3.64
R.O.C.S. Camomile 3.64
R.O.C.S. Baby Toothbrush Extra Soft 2.17
Toothbrush Professional Soft 2.81
Toothbrush Professional Medium 2.81
Toothbrush Professional Firm 2.81
Toothbrush Antitartar Soft 2.81
Toothbrush Antitartar Medium 2.81
Toothbrush Antitartar Firm 2.81
R.O.C.S. Toothbrush Extra Soft 2.81
R.O.C.S. Remineralizing and Whitening Gel 5.20
R.O.C.S. Whitening Set 12.50
R.O.C.S. Sakura + Toothbrush set 4.16
R.O.C.S. Mouthwash Double Mint 5.40
R.O.C.S. Mouthwash Cool Mix 5.40
R.O.C.S. Mouthwash Grapefruit 5.40
R.O.C.S. Mouthwash Raspberry 5.40
Strela Eucalyptus and Mint 1.20
Strela Herbs and Mint 1.20
Strela Mandarine and Mint 1.20
Strela Red Pepper and Mint 1.20
Estimated total*

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indicates preliminary
price offer for requested products.)

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including additional discounts will be
provided by sales manager.